Tea Towel Tote Bag

Ever see a tea towel with a print too stylish for just drying the dishes with? Turn it into a stylish tote bag and wear it with pride!

This oh-so-easy make couldn’t get any simpler. In fact, it’s so easy, I don’t really need to write this how to guide at all, but I’ll do it anyway…


All you need is:

  • A tea towel (preferably unused) with a print that should be seen out and about, not just confined to the kitchen. I’ve found TK Maxx are pretty good for these. The one I used measured approximately 18 x 28 inches.
  • Some webbing to use as handles. Available at all good haberdasheries. 1.5 meters will do, but it all depends on how long you want them.
  • Matching (or contrasting, if you prefer) thread for sewing.


How to

  • Iron your tea towel to get any creases out.
  • Fold it in half by bringing the short sides together (right sides facing each other).
    • The long open edge will be the top of your bag. The two shorter open edges will be the sides and will need sewing up. The folded edge is the bottom of the bag.
  • With right sides together pin the two short open edges.
  • Sew both sides from top to bottom, following the seam already on the edge of the tea towel. Remember to reverse stitch a little bit at either end for strength.
  • To make the handles, take a length of webbing. This needs to be long enough for the handle, plus about 1.5 inches extra at each end.
  • Fold the raw edge of the webbing underneath, and place the webbing about 1 inch below the top of the bag. Attach the other end further along the top of the bag, the same distance from the far edge as the first one. I’ve found that placing the handles about 15cm from each end works well.
  • Sew the webbing to the bag with a cross pattern (shown below) for extra strength.
  • Repeat for the handle on the other side of the bag.
  • Trim away any loose thread, and turn the bag right side out.
  • Fill with bits and bobs and wear with pride!

(Told you it was easy!)



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