Botanical Hanging Frames

Have you embraced the botanical trend as much as I have? I’ve become obsessed with house plants, cacti and succulents, and so far, have been mostly successful in keeping them alive.

Cheese plants, or Monstera deliciosa to call them by their official name are everywhere. I own two real ones myself, and their interesting leaves lend themselves brilliantly to a bit of wall art.

As the name of this blog states, I like to do things to easy way, so was not going to faff about drying leaves in order to frame them. Lucky for me, Dunelm sold cheese plant leaf stems for £1 each. I simply cut away the stem, and placed the leaf in a glass hanging frame. These ones are from Marks and Spencer, but I’ve seen them in Next and Matalan too. I also did this with a few fake fir leaves (also Dunelm) to mix things up a bit.

I love the effect, and you could do this with any fake leaf or flower of your choosing. Since doing this which was a few months ago now, I’ve seen very similar pictures available to buy. There’s no better feeling than being able to say, ‘I did that first!’

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